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Frequently Asked Questions

The decision of the person conducting the inquiry, investigator, prosecutor, judge or court ruling, as well as the appeal of the defense, if the criminal prosecution is carried out as a private prosecution, are considered grounds for a judicial examination. The body that appointed the forensic examination or the person to conduct the inquiry and issue an opinion shall provide the necessary items of inquiry and case materials to the forensic court.

Yes. According to Article 190.1 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, an unlawful refusal to register an individual entrepreneur or commercial organization, or evasion of their registration, an unlawful refusal to issue a special permit (license) to carry out certain activities, or to evade its issuance, restriction of the rights and legitimate interests of an individual entrepreneur or commercial organizations regardless of legal form or form of ownership, as well as limitation of an independent or any other unlawful interference in the activities of an individual entrepreneur or commercial organization, if these acts were committed by an official using his official position, shall be punishable by a fine in the amount of from two thousand to four thousand manats or by correctional labor for a term of up to one year.

No. According to article 20 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, no one can be forced to testify against himself and his close relatives and cannot be subjected to any prosecution for this.

A lawyer who has a notarized power of attorney to represent the legitimate interests of the victim during the criminal process, as well as close relatives of the injured individual, as well as in accordance with laws, other legal acts or constituent documents of the legal entity, authorized persons of the injured legal entity, or employees in the proper manner authorized and the main place of business of which this legal entity is.

According to Article 588 of the Civil Code of the Azerbaijan Republic, the Seller is liable for the defects of the product if the buyer proves that the defects of the product arose before its transfer to the buyer or for reasons arising up to this point.

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