Fulfillment of Manufacturer's Warranty Obligations

Legal assistance to protect the rights and freedoms of consumers, to take appropriate measures to fulfill the manufacturer's warranty obligations.

The fulfillment of the warranty by the manufacturer is directly related to the protection of consumer rights. Given that we are all consumers in society, consumer protection is primarily the protection of human rights. That is why warranty fulfillment pays an important role in our lives.

Who is a consumer?

The definition of the term “consumer” in the legislation is given as follows: “A consumer is a person using, purchasing, ordering, or having the intention to purchase or order goods and services to satisfy personal needs”. Thus, the manufacturer has a number of duties and responsibilities for the goods and services that he/she produces for sale. The consumer acts as a party having the right to demand the fulfillment of these obligations.


Warranty is the area in which the rights of most consumers are most violated. As stated in the law, the manufacturer (contractor) ensures the normal operation (application, use) of the goods (work, services), as well as components during the warranty period established by law, and in the absence thereof in the manner specified by the contract.

The warranty period is indicated in the passport for the product (work, service) or on its label (label) or in any other document attached to the product (work, service). There are two different concepts: the warranty period and the expiration date. The sale of goods that have expired is prohibited. The warranty period is calculated from the date of sale, and the expiration date from the date of manufacture of the goods.

In addition, the manufacturer (contractor) is obliged to inform the consumer about the possibility of risk and the safe use of the goods (work, service) using internationally accepted notations.

Fulfillment of obligations by the manufacturer

The fulfillment of obligations by the manufacturer is regulated by civil law and other legal acts. The seller (contractor) is also obliged to provide the consumer with complete and reliable information about the goods sold by the enterprise, as well as other information.

This information includes data on the price, consumer properties of the products of interest to him/her (and in relation to food products - also on the composition, shelf life, calorie content, the content of substances harmful to health in comparison with the mandatory requirements of regulatory documents), conditions for its purchase, warranty obligations and the procedure for making claims, methods and rules for the use, storage and safe disposal of goods.

Legal services related to the fulfillment of obligations of manufacturers

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