Representation of foreigners and stateless persons in various courts, institutions and organizations

The representation of foreigners and stateless persons residing in the country for various reasons, in different institutions, enterprises and organizations, as well as the protection of their rights in the courts.

In recent years, the country has carried out a solid-state policy in the field of migration. Important work was done to bring the legislation in line with international standards and modern requirements, including measures for the social protection of migrants.

Foreigners and stateless persons in accordance with the Constitution have the right to enter, reside and work in the Republic of Azerbaijan. The rights and freedoms of each of them are protected by relevant legal acts.

Azerbaijan has acceded to the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families of 1998 and assumes the obligations arising from this agreement.

According to Article 439 of the Civil Procedure Code, foreigners and stateless persons, foreign legal entities and international organizations have the right to apply to the courts of the Azerbaijan Republic for the protection of violated or disputed rights and interests protected by law.

Responsibility for violation of migration rights

Individuals and legal entities that violate the rules established by law are liable. This category includes individuals and legal entities who temporarily or permanently reside in the territory, or are engaged in labor activities on a temporary or permanent basis, who have violated migration rights while working abroad.

Government officials who violate the requirements of the Migration Code are liable in the manner prescribed by law. Persons who violate the provisions on illegal entry, residence, illegal transit through the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as in the illegal employment of foreigners and stateless persons, also bear the responsibility provided by law.

Foreigners or stateless persons whose entry into the country is restricted for a certain period of time are liable in the manner prescribed by law for the intentional change of their documents.

In addition, persons who have, keep or hide passports or other documents proving the identity of foreigners and stateless persons to participate in various types of activities are liable in accordance with the law.

Legal services related to representation in various bodies, institutions, organizations

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