Traffic accidents

Protection of the interests of the accused and victims in connection with traffic accidents, the adoption of necessary measures during the investigation and trial, the filing of applications in accordance with the law.

The development of society, in addition to a positive impact on people's lives, carries certain problems and undesirable consequences. As an example, the discovery of vehicles made an invaluable contribution to the development of mankind. This is an indisputable fact. Today without transport it is impossible to imagine our life.

As we know, the number of accidents increases with increasing population density and transport. To prevent this and reduce the number of accidents, the state and social groups conduct educational activities and develop social programs.

As a result of rapid socio-economic development in the Republic of Azerbaijan, special attention is paid to the reconstruction of the road network and road infrastructure, the construction of new roads, the construction of bridges, as well as the construction of underground and road pedestrians.

Despite all this, the number of traffic accidents and serious injuries to their life and health, including those killed, has increased significantly.

Traffic law

The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Road Traffic” and the Criminal Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan regulate relations on this issue.

The Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On Road Traffic” defines road traffic as a set of social relations that arise in the process of driving on specially designed roads with or without the help of vehicles, as well as in meeting the needs of individuals and legal entities in passenger and freight transportation.

The law establishes a number of rights and obligations for individuals and legal entities. Legal entities, irrespective of their form of ownership, fulfill the following duties in the field of traffic: organize traffic, ensure its safety, comply with environmental protection requirements and traffic rules; carry out preventive work in labor collectives to comply with the requirements of the legislation on road traffic; by agreement with the trade union organization, they monitor the state of health of drivers, their observance of the regime of work and rest; when engaged in transportation activities, in agreement with the relevant executive authority of Azerbaijan, they adopt special rules based on the rules, regulations, and standards in force in the field of traffic, taking into account the characteristics of transportation.

Individuals have the following rights in the field of traffic:

  • Move freely and unhindered on highways in accordance with established rules, receive from the body (structure) established by the relevant executive authority information about traffic conditions;
  • Receive from the body (structure) established by the relevant executive authority of Azerbaijan information on the reasons for restricting or prohibiting traffic on roads;
  • Receive information about the quality of products and services related to road safety;
  • During traffic accidents in the manner prescribed by the legislation of Azerbaijan, receive free medical care and other ambulance services;
  • Demand compensation in accordance with the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic for damage caused to their health, as well as for a vehicle during a traffic accident that occurred due to non-compliance of roads with traffic safety requirements;
  • Appeal administratively and in court the actions (inaction) of officials of the relevant executive authority that exercises control over road safety.

Road safety

Road safety is carried out in accordance with a number of main principles and directions. The main principles of ensuring road safety are the advantage of life and the health of people involved in road traffic over economic results of economic activity.

In addition, the state is primarily responsible for ensuring road safety in comparison with the responsibility of people involved in road traffic, respecting the interests of people, society and the state while ensuring road safety, an expedient and comprehensive approach to activities related to road safety.

Road safety is ensured in the following priority areas: ensuring road safety in the organization of traffic, development and approval of rules, standards, technical norms and other normative documents on road safety in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, environmental protection.

It should be noted that in order to prevent traffic accidents and reduce the severity of their consequences, the activities of the relevant executive authorities of the Azerbaijan Republic should be coordinated.

Traffic Laws

Road users are required to abide by the rules of the road. They must know and comply with the requirements of the Law on Road Safety.

According to the law, participants must obey the signals of the traffic controller and traffic lights, road signs, road markings, which are used to regulate traffic, sound and light signals used in road works, distinctive signs of some vehicles and signals of vehicle drivers.

In addition, they must create a safe environment for road traffic, by their actions or inaction not to harm other road users, their vehicles and other property. It is the duty of road users to comply with the orders of the relevant executive authorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan on compliance with the legislation on road traffic.

Any road user who follows the rules of the road may require this from others. Road users have the right to have safe and convenient conditions for driving on roads, to demand compensation for damage caused to them due to non-compliance of roads, streets, squares and level crossings with traffic safety requirements.

In case of violation by the relevant executive authorities of the Azerbaijan Republic and road owners of the current legislation, appeal their actions (inaction) administratively and in court.

The production of administrative offenses against the rules of the road and the rules of road safety is carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Providing legal services related to traffic accidents

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