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Non-residents and m-Residents carry out business activities in the country after receiving the appropriate certificate. Currently, we provide a virtual assistant service for registering incoming and outgoing documents, providing a nationwide communication function and representing the company.

The cost for this service is a monthly fee of 49 AZN ($29). 

To use the service, please scroll down to the bottom of the page. Payment will be made via the link that will be sent to you later.

If you live outside the country and do business in Azerbaijan, you may need a virtual assistant who will represent you and your company in the country. This assistant will support you in many ways, including the registration of incoming and outgoing documents, the provision of internal communication functions and the company representation in Azerbaijan.

This service is beneficial for non-residents who want to conduct their business in Azerbaijan. In order to operate in the country, non-residents apply through the Digital Trade Hub portal, register in the "e-non-resident" subsystem, and obtain a mobile e-signature certificate from the diplomatic missions and consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Article 2 of the “Rules for Issuance of Electronic Signature Certificates to Non-Residents through Diplomatic Missions and Consulates of the Republic of Azerbaijan” approved by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan No. 1598 dated September 12, 2017, states that a non-resident wishing to receive a certificate enters the portal, fills out the application form and makes online payment through the portal (Digital Trade Hub). The following documents are attached to the application:

Copy of non-resident identity document (passport or identity card);

1 color photograph (3.5x4.5 cm) that meets the requirements of biometric identification;

Power of attorney issued to a person authorized to act on behalf of a non-resident upon filing an application by a representative of a non-resident.

In addition, as indicated in the Rules, a non-resident marks the corresponding column in the electronic application in connection with the desire to obtain an “E-Signature” or “ASAN Imza” certificate, as well as a “Business” certificate or a “Citizen” certificate. If the non-resident in the electronic application indicates that he wants to receive the ASAN Imza certificate, then s/he selects the appropriate mobile operator and mobile number, and also make an online payment through the portal. If no deficiencies are identified in the submitted documents, the Center decides to issue an electronic signature certificate. The specified decision and the certificate issuance agreement between the non-resident and the Center after approval are sent to the diplomatic mission for approval by the non-resident as well. A notification will be sent via the portal to the e-mail address or mobile number (via SMS) specified in the application of the applicant.

Within 1 business day after the decision is received at the diplomatic mission, the non-resident is invited to the specified diplomatic mission, and the diplomatic mission submits the non-resident for signing a contract for signing and for obtaining a certificate-"ASAN Imza".

Virtual Assistant Legal Services

As mentioned above, individuals and enterprises residing abroad and owning a business in the Republic of Azerbaijan need an assistant to represent them. Based on this, clients are offered a Virtual Assistant Service. Using this service, clients will be able to ensure internal coordination in the country and perform many actions, including the representation of the company in Azerbaijan. Contact us to use the Virtual Assistant service!

The virtual assistant is not an official employee of the partners, he serves and only supports them in registering existing and sent documents, providing internal coordination functions, and representing the company in Azerbaijan.

The cost for this service is a monthly fee of 49 AZN ($29).

To use the service, please scroll down to the bottom of the page. Payment will be made via the link that will be sent to you later.

Apply here to receive the service online.

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