Preparation of appeals to government bodies and structures

We are saving your time for the preparation of relevant documentation and statements, complaints for filing with any state bodies and structures, as well as making sure that your appeals are considered in the manner prescribed by law.

In recent years, many new structures and government bodies have been created to meet growing demand. Many of these institutions and bodies have established their own rules of conduct in accordance with their principles and rules of work. In many of these bodies and institutions, the existence of different appeal rules is one of the most common and labor-intensive problems for citizens.

In many cases, citizens are notified that the application is not drawn up properly. Incorrect appeals impede the exercise by citizens of their legal rights. For this reason, the content of the statements must be readable, and the proposal or requirements must be clearly indicated. The text of the appeal should not contain insult or slander.

In some cases, citizens delay their applications for various reasons. However, the postponement of their appeals may turn into a situation that could adversely affect the rights of a citizen. Examples include applications for pensions, as well as other deadlines for filing applications specified in law.

In connection with the terms of appeals, article 10 of the Law “On Appeals of Citizens” states that appeals of citizens are considered no later than 15 business days, and appeals requiring additional study and verification no later than 30 business days.

If, as a result of consideration of an application for providing information within the time periods indicated above, the necessary information may lose its relevance, the specified application is considered immediately, if this is not possible, within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the application.

The right of citizens to appeal is regulated by the Constitution and the Law on Citizens' Appeals.

According to Article 1 of the Law “On the Appeal of Citizens”, citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic have the right to appeal to state and municipal bodies, legal entities that are state or municipal, or a controlling stake (share) of which belongs to the state or municipalities, and budgetary organizations or their officials in person or through a representative, in writing or orally, individually or collectively.

Appeals should be considered on the principle of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of individuals and legal entities, on the principles of legality, non-discrimination and red tape in the consideration of appeals.

It should also be noted that those who violate the requirements of the Law bear responsibility established by the Civil Code, the Code of Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code.

Legal services related to the preparation of appeals to government bodies and structures

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