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Providing clients with online advice and legal support is the key. It is important to earn their trust in this area, to answer their questions in detail and in accordance with the latest legislative changes. Legal Store is always online for your convenience!

The development of technology and the demands of modern times also create new services in the field of law. Electronic legal registration of legal services makes it easier and more convenient for individuals and legal entities.

Consultation comes from the Latin word "consultatio" and means giving advice. The main purpose of this service is to help people as soon as possible. Global development and integration through technology aim to make people's lives more comfortable. This convenience is already evident in the social, economic, political and commercial spheres of society. This development of technology, eliminating months of travel for trade, makes shopping from different countries more profitable.

Of course, this development in the field of social services provided to people and carried out electronically is noteworthy. Now people can pay their debts without leaving home, receive power of attorney and create legal entities. The provision of legal services on an online platform in accordance with the interests of legal entities and individuals is a modern requirement.

In many cases, individuals apply for their complaints, they often need help with which court should consider their complaint, and so on. In this case, they turn to the computer to save time, and they want the right and reliable advice as soon as possible. Our professional lawyers offer you the simplest and most affordable solutions during your consulting services. Now people can apply for help regarding any legal problem online and get the necessary information.

One of the factors that contributed to the further development of democracy in developed countries in recent years is the formation of “electronic government”. "E-government" allows state bodies using modern information technologies to provide information and electronic services to all citizens, legal entities and individuals, foreign citizens and stateless persons residing in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Thanks to the expansion of the use of the most modern technologies in e-government, the level of activity is increasing, and the opportunities for their use are even easier.

At the same time, the procedures for optimizing and implementing electronic services provided by state bodies to users are simplified, providing authenticity, completeness, reliability and free access to information provided to users through electronic services. As a result, at the user's request, the time spent searching and retrieving information is minimized, as well as access to electronic services throughout the country, regardless of geographic location. Thus, the “E-government” allows us to provide qualitatively new services to citizens of the country, using the capabilities of virtual space and modern technology.

Providing legal services online

We also provide legal services for our citizens and the convenience of our clients on the Internet. Our professional lawyers offer the simplest and most beneficial solutions for our citizens during our consulting services. Although there are several ways in which citizens can solve the problems they face, our staff will do everything possible for you.

Legal Store provides its clients with high-quality legal services and fully guarantees their satisfaction. Citizens can now contact our staff for any legal issues on the Internet. Our lawyers are ready to provide you with a service in resolving problems in any field of law, determining the rights and obligations of a client, and much more!

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