Examination of contracts

It is important to receive legal assistance when dealing with legal compliance, protection of interests and possible changes to the agreements between the parties. Our professional lawyers will examine your contracts both in a draft and final phase with upmost attention to detail.

Preparation and examination of contracts or other legally significant documents is one of the most important issues. The examination of the contracts first reveals the legal scope of the contract and what fundamental requirements it should meet.

As we know, this issue is of great importance as each legislative branch has its own rules, norms and principles. In most cases,  mistakes made in the fundamental requirements for the conclusion of contracts may lead to their invalidation.

Thus, to avoid any conflict between the provisions of the contract, they must be written in accordance with international norms and local laws. In some cases, gaps in the contract are revealed. It is imperative to receive legal services to fill these gaps in a manner that does not conflict with the substance of the contract and the law.

Examination of contracts shall check whether the terms of the contract are protected by the parties (bilateral or multilateral), regardless of the identity of the applicant. Also, if a contract is required for notarization or state registration, it is revealed and the parties are informed about it.

When considered by law, a contract is an agreement in which a decision is made on the determination, termination, or amendment of civil rights and obligations between two or more persons. In most cases, contracts are in writing. The debt agreement is one of the most common types of contracts.

The legal examination of the contract is carried out to prevent future problems and other difficult conditions. Also, parties may be given legal assistance in the examination of contracts to determine whether the terms of the agreement are favorable to them, including any changes that may be made to protect their interests.

Legal services in the examination of contracts

During the examination of the contracts, these contracts are reviewed by several of our professional staff. At a later stage, our lawyers carefully review the provisions of the contract.

As noted above, in some cases gaps in the contract are found. Our lawyers also advise you to fill these gaps in a manner that does not contradict the essence of the contract and the legislation. In carrying out this process, the Legal Store respects not only the rights of its customers but also of the other party and follows the principle of honesty.

As a general rule, we are committed to providing the highest level of legal service and satisfaction in this matter as you decide on your future and your career in contract expertise!

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