Getting targeted state social assistance

One of the services provided to protect and exercise citizen's rights is also to receive targeted social assistance, benefits and scholarships. Issues related to targeted state social assistance, benefits and scholarships are resolved in accordance with the law.

Targeted state social assistance - a monthly allowance provided by the state to low-income families. According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan “On targeted state social assistance”, low-income families have the right to social assistance, the average monthly income of which is below the aggregate criterion of need for each member families.

A low-income family is a family whose average monthly income is lower than the aggregate criterion of need for each family member. The procedure for calculating the average monthly income of a family is established by the relevant executive authority.

It should be noted that the amount of social assistance is calculated in the amount of the difference arising between the average monthly income of the family and the totality of the criterion of need for each family member.

Who gets targeted state social assistance?

According to the law, low-income families have the right to social assistance, if the average monthly income of which for reasons beyond their control (disability of family members, registration of an able-bodied family member in the relevant executive authority as unemployed due to the liquidation of a state body or legal entity or reduction in the number of employees or state, his death, recognition by a court as missing or dead, imprisonment, lack of information on the whereabouts of a member, and so on.) is below the aggregate demand for each family member.

Given this situation, these are the persons entitled to receive targeted social assistance for reasons beyond their control:

  • A person with a disability;
  • A person receiving a retirement pension;
  • Caring for a disabled person of the first group, children under 8 years old or children under 18 years of age with disabilities;
  • Obtaining full-time higher education up to 23 years;
  • Registration of a person as unemployed in the local body of the State Employment Service in connection with the liquidation of a state body or legal entity or reduction of staff or staff;
  • Imprisonment of a person.

When assigning social assistance, the following persons in the family are not considered to provide assistance:

  • Persons who are fully supported by the state (persons living in orphanages and boarding schools, boarding houses for the elderly, disabled and children with disabilities, special educational institutions);
  • Persons on active duty;
  • Persons serving sentences in penal institutions;
  • Wanted persons;
  • Citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic who do not reside in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic;
  • Foreigners (with the exception of permanently residents in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan).

Appointment of social benefits and scholarships

A person, after he has the right to receive social benefits and scholarships, can contact the Center electronically and apply by mail in order to receive social benefits and scholarships. According to the legislation, benefits, depending on the forms of social benefits, are distributed on a monthly and one-time basis. The amount of social benefits is determined by decrees and orders of the President.

According to the Decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on the approval of the “Rules for the preparation, consideration, and storage of documents for the appointment of social benefits, scholarships and compensations”, the appeal on the appointment of benefits, scholarships and compensations in case of loss of the bread-winner of the family, disabled children under 18 years of age, persons with disabilities or limited legal capacity, as well as children of certain categories defined by the President of the Azerbaijan Republic, is served in the territory in which their parents and other legal representatives live.

Children over 16 years old can apply for benefits and scholarships on their own. The application of persons sentenced to a specific term or life imprisonment to receive benefits and scholarships shall be submitted by the administration of the penitentiary institution.

Currently, in connection with the fulfillment of obligations to the country, various categories of citizens are paid scholarships in accordance with decrees and orders of the President of the country.

Legal services related to obtaining targeted social assistance and scholarships

The main goal of Legal Store is to protect the interests of its customers and guarantee the use of their rights. One of the services we provide is the application for targeted social assistance and scholarships.

One of the most common issues is the provision of targeted social assistance and pensions to persons injured in the performance of their labor duties. The services we provide to our citizens consist of collecting the necessary documents required by law, in identifying situations that improve the situation of individuals, and, if necessary, in presenting them in court.

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