Representation of consumer interests in government organizations

Representing consumers in government plays an important role in protecting their rights. Legal or legal assistance is required to apply orally or in writing to the appropriate authorities.

The law provides consumers with the right to apply orally or in writing to the appropriate authorities to protect their rights from substandard and harmful goods.

Who is a consumer?

A consumer is a person using, acquiring, ordering, or having the intention to purchase or order goods, works and services to satisfy personal needs.

Consumer rights

Consumer rights, as we call them, are part of the rights granted by the legislature. Consumers have the right to free choice of goods (works, services) and their manufacturers, contractors and sellers, the proper quality of the goods (works, services) they consume, the safety of goods (works, services), the receipt of complete and reliable information about quantity, assortment and quality goods (works, services).

As provided by law, consumers have the right to compensation for losses caused by goods (works, services) of inadequate quality, as well as damage caused by goods (works, services) that are dangerous to human life and health, in cases stipulated by law, going to court and others authorized state bodies for the protection of their rights and legitimate interests, association in public organizations (consumer associations).

Consumer rights violation

Persons guilty of a violation of consumer rights bear civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Thus, consumers can appeal to the courts for the protection of their rights under the law.

Consumer rights protection

Consumer rights protection is carried out by the court in the manner prescribed by law. In addition to satisfying the demands of the consumer, the court also decides on compensation for moral damage caused to him/her. Consumers are exempted from paying state duty when filing a claim for violation of consumer rights.

According to article 18 of the "Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights" of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in order to protect the legitimate interests of consumers (users) of goods (services, works), the state policy on consumer protection includes:

  • State supervision of the conformity of goods (services, works,) sold in the consumer market, including packaging, transportation, storage and the conditions for the sale of food products and medicines with sanitary-hygienic, environmental, technical standards, safety standards, norms and rules of trade;
  • Issuance of a special permit (license) for the production, import, and sale of certain types of goods (services, works);
  • Determination of goods (services, works) subject to mandatory certification, and the issuance of certificates of conformity and (or) marks of conformity on them;
  • Supervision of the availability of appropriate medical education for persons involved in the sale of medicines, the provision of medical services;
  • Prevention of fraud of consumers (users) by sellers and (or) advertisers, creators of advertisements, producers of advertisements, advertisers and advertisers by providing false and (or) incomplete information about the origin, quantity and quality, shelf life, conditions of sale, price of goods (services), works), or through unscrupulous, inaccurate and hidden advertising;
  • Compensation to the consumer (user) from the seller (manufacturer, importer, subject of advertising) for material and moral damage in the amount determined and approved in the appropriate manner

In addition, local executive bodies may establish appropriate consumer protection bodies. The relevant executive authorities for the protection of consumer rights consider consumer complaints and provide appropriate advice on protecting their rights as provided by law.

They also analyze the contracts signed by sellers (manufacturers, performers) with consumers in order to identify conditions that violate the rights of consumers, collect information about harm to life, health or property of consumers, and send it to the relevant authorized bodies.

Legal services to represent consumers

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