Applying for a disability status

Using our services, you can take measures to solve problems with the appointment of disabilities, as well as contacting the relevant authorities to rehabilitate people with disabilities.

Recently, there have been changes in the environmental situation, the influence of the nutrients we eat and genetic factors have led to the fact that the number of people with disabilities has increased significantly due to these factors. The problems of these people, who are forced to take a step back due to physical disabilities, do not end there. People with disabilities often do not fully exercise their rights and face a number of difficulties during work.

However, benefits should be paid to such citizens for their inability to fully realize their ability to work, and if necessary, their treatment should be provided at the expense of the state. The procedure itself requires a number of rules and observations.

The first step is to determine disability. The article 2 “Provisions on the criteria for determining disability and limited health opportunities” states that the first degree of disability is established with a sharp restriction of life due to illness, injury or a birth defect (loss of ability to learn, communicate, social maladaptation, inability to control one’s behavior, move around, exercise self-care or work), if these violations cause the need for regular assistance and care.

Disability Terms

In article 4 “Provisions on the criteria for determining disability and limited health opportunities”, disability of the first group and disability of the first and second degrees, which are prescribed in special cases according to a medical prescription, is established indefinitely.

According to Article 4 of the Regulation, disability of the second and third degrees is determined for 5 (five) years. In cases where a second-degree disability has been assigned continuously for 10 (ten) years, and a third-degree disability has been assigned continuously for 15 (fifteen) years, an indefinite disability is assigned.

Our rofessional lawyers on this issue will provide you with legal assistance in the collection and execution of the necessary documentation. Because the necessary documentation is an important factor in verifying disability.

Regardless of the degree of disability, persons who have reached the age of entitlement to receive labor pensions or social benefits in accordance with the laws “On labor pensions” and “On social benefits”, disability is appointed without indicating the term.

Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities

According to article 10 of the Law on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the state provides persons with disabilities with the opportunity to achieve and maintain maximum independence, physical, mental, social and professional abilities.

Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities is provided by the relevant executive authority on the basis of the Individual Rehabilitation Program. Rehabilitation and development of persons with disabilities are carried out in accordance with the Individual Rehabilitation Program at the place of residence, place of work, place of education, in rehabilitation institutions and other subjects of rehabilitation.

Conducting a socio-psychological assessment of children at an early age, as well as in subsequent age periods, providing the necessary advice to children under the age of 18 with disabilities and their legal representatives with identifying the features of their development, is carried out by the relevant executive authority. The participation of the legal representative of children under the age of 18 is ensured in the work of the relevant executive authority.

Legal services regarding disability

We provide you with legal assistance in collecting the necessary documents and the official establishment of your disability. Then, if necessary, representation in courts and other government bodies. In this case, the address to which you should contact for help is Legal Store!

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